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Nanokleen® Water Purifier - Revolutionary Technology for Safe, Clean Water

The NanoKleen® Water Purifier uses revolutionary water technology that produces safe drinking water from low quality tap water or rain water. This technology includes a complex mat of NANO-fibers which remove over 99.99% of disease causing bacteria, viruses & cysts and reduces harmful organic chemicals in the water.

Water is poured into the top section of the purifier, water flows through the filters and 10 liters of purified water is stored in the bottom section. This unit does NOT need electricity and no waste water is produced.

This Purifier is easy to use and maintain, as a new filter element is only needed after producing 400 to 2000 liters of water.
The NanoKleen® Table-Top Purifier must be kept in the shade inside a home or office.

This Water Purifier provides an affordable solution for good quality drinking water that will improve your health. This Purifier will remove the risk of diseases, often carried in domestic water supplies.

The NanoKleen® Purifier provides safe drinking water to address the 3 critical water issues: Safety Affordability Availability. No other storage water purifier can match this performance, without using electricity or chemicals.

International tests have shown that greater than 99.99% of all bacteria are removed from the water by this purifier. The SABS have confirmed this in South Africa.

Contact Crystal Clear to get your NanoKleen® Table-Top Water Purifier or request to become a Reseller of these revolutionary water purifiers.

Domestic Tap Water Polishing Systems

NanoKleen® TableTop Unit Under-counter Reverse Osmosis Unit

Cost of equipment R 1510 for purchase & installation (DIY) R 3000 to R 4000 for purchase & installation (Plumber)

Water Losses Zero Approximately 50% of water used

Chlorine in water Reduced to non-hazardous levels Damages RO membrane

Heavy metals Reduced Reduced to lower levels

Filter Replacement R 285 per year - DIY R 1000 to R 1600 per year including labour cost

Bacteria and Virus free Yes - for entire cartridge life, Stops bacteria growth on filter Yes, But Bacteria growth on RO membrane can contaminate drinking water

Cancer causing Chemicals Removed Removed

Removes Calcium & Magnesium No Yes

Taste of Water Soft and sweet Tasteless

Environmental Impact No electricity used and no water wasted Electricty used for pump and at least 50% of water wasted as flush water

information from actual use of NanoKleen units

information from actual use of RO units
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Aug 22, 2012, 11:26 PM