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MONKO® Biological Water Treatment - The Eco Friendly Way

Crystal Clear MONKO® biological water treatment powder provides a natural and sustainable way of treating french drains and pit latrines without resorting to environmentally damaging chemicals.CRYSTAL CLEAR has manufactured biological treatment products for the past 17 years The applications for our MONKO® Bio-treatment products include:

  • Bio-Treatment of oil contamination in lakes, in sumps and on soil
  • Improve biological performance of sewage works
  • Septic tank bio-treatment to remove smells and solids build-up
  • Pit toilet bio-treatment to remove health hazards, flies and sludge build-up
  • Clean-up sewage spillages into dams
  • Bio-treatment of algae in wetland pools

Clients Include

Local Reseller network, Enviroserv, Exxaro’s Groetegeluk Coal Mine,Debswana Diamond Mine, SANDF, Total Oil, Natref, Spoornet, Boart Longyear, Goldfields, Wetland Pools, Umtata Skilled labour

Case Studies

  • A dam at Diamond mine was contaminated with oil from power station. After 3 months of bio-treatment with Crystal Clear’s products, fish were re-introduced into the dam successfully. This mine has purchased bio-treatment products for soil and water contaminated with oils and fuels for the past 15 years Coal Mine at Matla, in Mpumulanga had oil & sewage contamination in a large lake.
  • A joint project with Enviroserve bio-treated the contamination using Crystal Clear’s MONKO® bio-treatment microbe powder.
  • Oil contamination of a dam at Groetegeluk’s Lephalale Coal Mine has been bio-treatment with Crystal Clear’s bio-treatment microbe powder for the past 14 years.
  • Truck wash-bay at Enviroserv in PE started recycling water, MONKO® was added to the sump to bio-treat the oils and clear the water. Waste drilling muds contaminated with oil and grease were bio-treated for Boart-Long Year. After 24 hours the treated water was re-used for washing, instead of requiring hazardous waste disposal.
  • An Oil company lost 1 million liters of diesel at a rail-siding. 15 000 tons of soil was bio-treated with MONKO® from 40 000 ppm diesel to less than 1000 ppm in 6 weeks
Contact CRYSTAL CLEAR for bio-treatment of: fuels oils sewage high COD effluent algae in wetland pools Tel: 011 640 6445/7 Email: | |

Sustainable opportunities in rural areas!

Crystal Clear supplies MONKO® to create employment in rural areas and solve the health and quality of life problems due to lack of water for sanitation in these areas. This is one of our social responsibility programs.